Life Coaches Make a Big Difference!

The role of a Life Coach is that of a confidante, counselor and champion.

A Life Coach helps build confidence and mentors our Clients.  They also help establish boundaries for those seeking assistance.  The Ready4Work Life Coaching program equips its Life Coaches with the skills required to support ex-offenders’ reentry efforts.  Ensuring support and success for Clients, a Life Coach works in concert with the Life Coach Coordinator, as well as other Ready4Work staff.

I would like to help make a difference in someone’s life”
— Life Coach


  • 21 years of age

  • No felony conviction (within last year)

  • Not actively on probation/parole

  • Complete one 4-hour training class

  • One-year commitment

  • Submit to a background check



Training Class Topics

  • History of mentorship

  • Concepts and practices of mentoring

  • Ready4Work life coaching program

  • Qualities of a good Life Coach

  • Communication skills

  • Program partners

  • Common behavioral characteristics

  • Program rules

  • Working through challenging situations